Nobody can Trust or Believe Anything: Brexit, Populism and Digital Politics


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Populismo, Brexit, Identidad británica, Política digital, Redes sociales


In this article, we focus on the link between the new populisms and the crisis of neoliberal capitalism, as well as its post-democratic forms of governance, in the context of digital politics and its social effects, such as the intense polarisation of public life or the distrust of citizens towards traditional forms of politics. Brexit is a paradigmatic case that encapsulates all of these problems and prompts us to think about how philosophy can challenge the way we understand contemporary political coordinates, modes of socialisation, or democratic action. The weakness of our deliberative democracies and the undermining of the bonds, interaction, and decision-making within our civil society seem to have found a compensatory function in the digital world. By carrying out a philosophical-political and film analysis of Brexit: The Uncivil War (Toby Haynes, 2019); we would like to focus specifically on how digital media foster the conditions for the success of a populist moment like Brexit.



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Ortega Martín, D., & Sánchez Berrocal, A. (2022). Nobody can Trust or Believe Anything: Brexit, Populism and Digital Politics. Dilemata, (38), 83–102. Recuperado a partir de



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