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Against the backdrop of an aspired sustainable development the emergence of a globalized and technological world, accelerating its pace since the beginning of the 21st century, does not only give rise to technological, economic, social, environmental, political, and educational tasks. Significant philosophical questions, epistemic reflections, and cultural debates result.

Concerning the cultural dimension of sustainable development we need a better understanding in two directions: first, culture as a condition for sustainable development, and second, culture as an aim of sustainable development. And: The cultural dimension of sustainable development includes two different main topics, cultural heritage on the one side and specific (sustainable!) patterns of action (patterns of consumption, of traffic...) on the other side.

This is the background of this book which consists of two sections: section 1 deals with methodological questions, conceptual debates and frameworks around culture and sustainability, section 2 is about epistemic topics and ethical dilemmas.

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